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The recruitment services solution from Sena Technologies helps you find qualified candidates for simple and complex jobs alike. While delivering discounted solutions through bulk-buying power, our recruiting team provides consultative guidance throughout the entire process of talent acquisition.

Our complete talent placement services optimize the talent search from beginning to end, recruiting administrative and professional services across a wide range of industries, improving retention, reducing recruitment costs, and reducing time-to-fill.


  • Discuss your recruitment needs and create a strategy, including the development of job descriptions and the analysis of market and compensation data in real-time

  • Advertise your position on major recruitment websites

  • Conduct an in-depth screening of potential candidates to narrow down the list

  • Provide a qualified talent pool in a timely manner

  • Perform skills assessments and pre-employment screenings

  • Organize and schedule interviews

  • Offer a job and negotiate the terms

  • Make sure you fill your position correctly the first time

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