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Reset or Remove Your Acer BIOS Password Using an Unlock Key Hint Number

if the website above or its codes dont work, visit dogberts blog where you will be able to find more details about your laptop brand and download a separate master password utility for it. to use one of the programs, simply download the correct one for your laptop and run it, then type in the number and hit enter. the master password will be displayed for you to try and unlock the computer.

acer bios password unlock key hint number zip


thanks for the instruction on this web page. i was able to unlock my acer laptop by following the instruction on your site. at first,i thought youtude could have help me but i tried as much i could and nothing like help i was able to get. but unfortunately,i was able to reach you site and my problems were able to be solved. thanks

at this point, your only option is to use a professional service to break the bios password. they have special tools that they can use to actually remove the bios chip from the motherboard and flash it with a new bios, thereby removing the password, etc. itll probably cost you anywhere from $100 to $500 depending on the firm. enjoy!

  • the steps to change the bios password are as follows: power off the computer.

  • remove the cmos battery.

  • connect a battery to the battery terminals.

  • connect the jumper to the control to enter the cmos setup menu.

  • make sure you do not enter the cmos setup menu if you did not leave it. if you are not sure, then power off and power on the computer to enter the cmos setup menu.

  • if you successfully enter the cmos setup menu, you can reset the bios password. you will need to enter the bios password, then press the enter key.

  • if you successfully enter the bios password, you will get the message that the bios password was successfully changed.

  • you can now power off and on the computer to complete the bios password reset.

  • once you power off the computer and connect the power cord again, you will need to start the computer in the cmos setup menu again.


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